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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Rotten Egg Hunt 2019

Halloo!  I stumbled on a new (to me) hunt totally by accident, and had to drop in and tell you all about it before its over!  There are so many hunts/events going on at the moment, and it's so hard to divide my time between all of them.  But I sure do try!  I can spend hours, sometimes days on a hunt, especially when there are so many prizes to find.  The one I stumbled upon a few days ago is the Rotten Egg Hunt hosted on the Lanisha Sim running from 04/12 to 04/28 and it is packed with prizes ranging from 1-10L per egg.  There are over 20 designers participating in this event, and below are just a few (very few) of the prizes I picked up, (but trust me, I have so much more that I can't wait to eventually show off on my blog).  The items I chose below are more of a fun, funky, Spring-y look, but you can find all sorts of items hidden in these eggs.  Some can be more on the dark side, some sexy, others quirky and vibrant.  There's a little something for everyone!  Let me know if you have any questions about this Hunt, or if there are any others that you would like me to check out for you.  I'm off to see what else I can discover this week.  Hurry on over to the Rotten Egg Hunt before it's over!  

Happy hunting!

Dress:  Spring Floret Orange mesh dress by Applique Chic ($2L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Shoes:  Spring Floret Wedges Pink by Applique Chic ($2L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Glasses:  Bunny Stunna Shades by [Fetch]-It Happened ($10L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Headband:  Sweetheart Bow Pearl headband by Epic ($10L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Donuts:  Bunny Donut Blueberry Sugar thumb ring & mouth donut by TeaBunny ($5L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Face Masks:  Rotten Egg Mask-Happy/Plain/Sad by Fika ($10L each @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Pillow:  Dots Huggable pillow by [Fetch]-It Happened ($5L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Hair:  Rhapsody V1 in Pastels with multi Hud hair color and headband color Hud by EscalateD ($10L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Shape:  Felicia Catwa shape by Facet Originals ($10L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Eyeshadow:  Sage Shadow Catwa in Pink by NOX. ($2L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Lips:  Neptune Ombre Catwa lipstick by NOX.  ($2L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Lashes:  REH Catwa black lashes by UniCult ($5L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Nails:  Rotten Egg mesh nails by Dark Passions Koffin Nails ($2L @ Rotten Egg Hunt)

Head:  Catya by Catwa

Skin:  Kylie Tan skin by Bold & Beauty

Body:  Lara mesh body by Maitreya

Location:  Rotten Egg Hunt

Sunday, April 21, 2019

LOTD: Easter is here!


 I love Easter so much and wanted to hop on over to post an Easter LOTD.  Bunny ears, pastel clothing, eyebrows and jewelry, and even a little egg hidden in one of my socks.  I found all of these items at the recently closed Bunny Hop Hunt.  I just happened upon it during the last day it was running and swooped up as many gifts as I could!  And just look at the cute, little, pink, bunny backpack I scored!  It is so detailed, it even has a gold bunny dongle hanging from it.  Ugh...I'm dead over this look.  And you know what?  I'd still rock this look even after Easter!  Hahaha!  

Fun aside, I do wish you a wonderful day.  I hope you are able to spend this special day with your family and loved ones.  I know that so many of you are of different faiths, but to me, this day means more than just bunnies, eggs and candy.  It's the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  Just to imagine the suffering he endured for a person like me, makes me feel awe and brings to tears.  I'm not worthy, but He makes me worthy.  If you don't feel the same as I do about this day, I do hope that you will someday.  Unlike anything else in life, this feeling is amazingly overwhelming...the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance.  To know that my sins have been washed away, and my ugliness has been transformed.  Truly amazing.  Just remember, as you enjoy your are loved. ♥

"He was delivered up for our trespasses, and raised for our justification."  ~Romans 4:25 

Jacket:  Bunny Jacket by NS

Skirt:  Becky denim skirt by Alterego

Backpack:  Bunnypack #2 in pink by Mug

Socks:  Hidden Egg Socks by Meow.Hi

Choker:  Puffballs Choker by Sugarbun

Necklace & matching Earrings:  Bunny Necklace & Earrings by NS

Glasses:  Niji glasses by DAZED

Piercing:  Spring Nose Piercing by DAZED

Bandaids:  Outchie Bandaids by Fika

Eye Brow Tint:  Shara Brows in Pastel 2 by CAZIMI Applied Beauty

Face Tat:  Glitter Kitty Nose tattoo by Oleander

Hair (with beanie & bunny ears):  Button V2 by EscalateD

Skin:  Laura Special Edition skin by Wow Skins

Shape:  Iman shape by Wow Skins

Hands:  by Slink

Body:  Lara Mesh Body by Maitreya

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hipster Fair 2019

Happy April all!  After my last post I decided I'd tackle my inventory.  I have so much items in there that I never even opened.  I thought that would just take a few days....but's taken over a month!  I still haven't gone through half my inventory.  I finally took a break and went to a couple of events going on right now.  And you know what that means....more items...more inventory!  It's never ending!  Let me know below whether you have the same problem?  lol  

The first event I checked out was the Hipster Fair.  I've been going to the Hipster Fair for years and it just seams to get better and better every year.  So, when I see a notification for it, I've got to jump over there as soon as possible.  And I'm glad I did!  There were a ton of cute items!  Below is a few things I picked up.  Sexy, hot and hip...dontcha think?  Anyway, I suggest you drop by and check out the Hipster Fair before it ends.  Enjoy and happy SL shopping!

Tank Top:  Zeal tank by Flarity (0L gift @ Hipster Fair)

Boots:  Nesha Boots by FurtaCor (1L gift @ Hipster Fair)

Headband:  Lace mesh Cat Ears headband by Cheeky (10L gift @ Hipster Fair)

Bandana:  "Breathe" bandana by TwoSided (0L gift @ Hipster Fair)

Bag:  Mustache bag by M&M Style (1L gift @ Hipster Fair)

Glasses:  Kelsey Hipster glasses by M&M Style (1L gift @ Hipster Fair)

Hair:  Wendy Naturals hair by Tameless (0L gift @ Hipster Fair)

Nails:  SavageDoll Omega/Empire nails by Xxxtasi (0L gift @ Hipster Fair)

Tattoo:  Strong Arms tattoo by KAOS (0L gift @ Hipster Fair)

Monday, February 4, 2019

Year of the Pig

Chúc mừng năm mới!  That's Vietnamese for "Happy New Year!"  Today Asians are celebrating their Lunar New Year.  Every year my mom would celebrate Tết (Vietnamese New Year) by cooking a bunch of vegetarian Vietnamese dishes to dedicate to Buddha and to her deceased family members.  She would lock herself in her "Buddha room"  (that's where she kept a shrine to Buddha) for hours, light incense and bow in front of Buddha saying her prayers for a blessed New Year for family and friends.  She's in heaven now, but I keep these fond memories alive.  She loved this time of year, because it always meant new beginnings for those she loved.

This year, Asians are celebrating the Year of the Pig (characteristically known for generosity and trustworthiness) and recently I received a notification from Chigadee London that said she has created 2 new hats honoring this occasion at her store Couture Chapeau.  The first mesh hat is adorable.  I spent a week running around SL with this beautiful little hat on.  To me it is very versatile, because the the actual black hat with the beautiful tropical flowers are so pretty and elegant, you can dress it up (as I have done, below), or it can be dressed down because of the cute, kitschy, little pig holding a pink balloon, sitting up top.   This just shows Chigadee's personality perfectly!  Elegant and fun-loving.

The second hat is a unisex top hat, that I absolutely love as well!  I love the shading of the top hat, which is distinctive to Ms. London's attention to detail.  And just look at the precious little pig holding an apple and a red balloon!  I am so happy to be back in SL and getting to share these two amazing creations from my favorite milliner!  You can pick these up at Couture Chapeau for only $8L's each.  And while you are there, please look around.  There's some really lovely hats that will truly add style and distinction to your wardrobe.

"Chúc gia đình bạn năm mới cát tường vạn sự như hạnh phúc viên mãn, phước lộc đầy nhà."
(Wishing you and your family a happy new year, filled with happiness and blessings for your entire household.)


Featured Hats:  Year of the Pig Chapeau & Top Hat by Couture Chapeau ($8L's each)

Dress:  Daphne black dress by Pita Store ($5L's @ Infinity Event)

Necklace:  Alix Choker by Avada Beauty ($5L's @ Infinity Event)

Bracelet:  Shine of Scales cuff bracelet by Hausuriza (Designer Showcase 8th Anniversary Event, free group gift)

Earrings:  Gloria earrings by Fortuna Jewelry (Free Dove gift 0L)

Purse:  Vivian clutch by L&L AviBody (free gift Infinity Event)

Shoes:  Paris black heels/boots by Pita Store ($5L's @ Infinity Event)

Hair:  Miss Blue Tallulah red hair by Shei Shape & Skins

Eyes:  Crystalline green eyes by Dulce Secret (Designer Showcase 8th Anniversary Event, free group gift)

Mesh Body:  Lara body by Maitreya

Shape:  Didy shape by Wow Skins

Skin:  Aerlinniel V1 skin by 7 Deadly Skins

Location:  BWC Main Store

Monday, January 28, 2019

LSR Moda wishing you a Happy 2019 and Rossi New Year!

Hello lovelies!  Today I have 2 awesome group gifts from LSR Moda.  I'm loving them!  Been walking around in the 2019 sexy black tee, celebrating this New year!  Yay 2019!  I'm sure this gift might disappear in February, so make sure you go there now and pick it up!  It's such a pretty, black v-neck with gold 2019 lettering in the front.  In the back, (if you wear it by itself), it lifts up just a little to show your tushy.  Very cute!  Sorry I forgot to take a pic of the back, but trust'll love it!  The second group gift in-store is the sexy Rossi dress.  It definitely gives you the Wow factor, with the plunging neckline and the short mini length, but the delicate flowers turns down the vampyness of the dress and just makes it stylish, sexy and beautiful.  The best thing about these are they are absolutely free!  You just have to join the LSR Moda group (which is free as well) and you are set for some quality mesh gifts from a quality SL retailer.  Hope you enjoy!  Have a wonderful SL day!

Shirt:  Sexy shirt 2019 by LSR Moda (Free GG/free group join)

Heels:  Metal Rose Olimpia heels by Patula's House (Free GG/free group join)

Hair:  Peach hair by Besom (MM board/free gift)

Pose:  To the New Year 2019 pose and prop by NANTRA (Free Subscriber gift)

Body:  Lara mesh body by Maitreya ($2,750L's)

Shape:  Autumn Leaves shape by BlondeQueen (no longer available, past GG)

Skin:  Scarlett skin in Honey by Insol Skin Shop

Location:  Chaoteninsel Milkyway

Dress:  Rossi dress by LSR Moda (Free GG/free group join)

Boots:  Isabella pink boots by Pita Store ($5L's @ Infinity Event)

Shape:  Dama shape by Wow Skins

Skin:  Scarlett skin in Honey by Insol Skin Shop

Lipstick:  Classy lips in Coral by JUMO

Body:  Lara mesh body by Maitreya

Location:  Mischief Ones Brotherhood

Monday, January 14, 2019

UP! Event Jan. 2019

Well, it's mid-January 2019 and I've been busy catching up on all the shopping I've missed while I've been away.  And SL's designers and creators do not disappoint!  Within the past couple of weeks, I've filled up my inventory with new clothes, hairs, make-up, poses, skins, shapes, etc...  I feel like my closet is ready to explode.  I don't even know where to begin blogging with all these wonderful, new purchases!  Today, I thought I'd mention the UP! event.  Sadly, tomorrow's the last day, but I picked up so many awesome items, that I couldn't let the event end without a mention.  The UP! event happens every month from the 1st to the 15th.  This month's theme is URBAN.  Here you can find the best of  men's and women's clothing, tattoos, accessories, hair, shoes and more.  Below are a few of the $10L gifts that I was able to pick up while I was there.  There's many more!  And even though you may miss this month's event, you'll be pleased to know, there will be another one next month!  I'll definitely be back.  Hope to see you there!  If you have any questions about anything below, just leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer them.  I hope you have a great day...I'm off to shop some more!  Love you and talk to you soon!