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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Not-so-ugly at My UglyDorothy

Good day my SL friends! I have been on a freebie frenzy this weekend. So much to share...yet so little time to learn how to navigate Gimp photo editor and finding time to blog about the awesome deals out there in SL land! This post will focus on a collection of free skins given out by MY UGLYDOROTHY. There are 11 total, but I'll only be showing you 8 of the 11. You'll find these skins right by the front door (inside of the store) and they are only $1L each. What a steal! Come by MY UGLYDOROTHY and snag up some free skins and check out the rest of this great store! Happy SL shopping!

Shape - Cinnamon shape by Button's Skins (free, but unfortunately it looks like Button's is no longer in business)