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Sunday, February 8, 2015

I ♥ Sweaters and Boots

Ding ding ding!  Round two of my Valentine goodies blog!The first one was laced with romance and elegance, but this one fits those girls that like to go comfy-casj.  Who wouldn't want to just lounge around in an oversized sweater full of hearts?  Then when Mr. Right calls, just throw on a pair of leggings and boots and you are ready to go on an adventure.  Maybe a picnic, maybe a movie, or even out to the museum.  Heck, you'll be so comfortable you could make a day of it!  Graffitiwear helps you do this by offering this cozy little over-sized sweater as their February Group Gift.  While you are there, (just by visiting the store) you will automatically receive a free Graffitiwear freckle tattoo.  It looks natural and as you can see below, gives a more youthful look.  Take it from me girls, men love freckles (at least that's what I've been told).  

How cute are the koi behind me!

Here's a close up of my face.  The freckles are very light, very natural...
adding depth and realism to the skin.

Next up are these gorgeous boots by T&C Creations.  I think I'm in LOVE!  Girls, these are not free, but well worth the price at $25L's.  These Valentine's boots come in two colors (red and purple), including a 4 texture color changing HUD.  The boots lace up in the back and even has "love" inscribed on the heels. Precious!

Sweater - Sweetheart Sweater by Graffitiwear  (free GG/free to join)

Boots - Love Valentine Boots by T&C Creations (25L's)

Tattoo - Freckles tattoo by Graffitiwear (free visitor gift)

Earrings - Pearly Red Earrings by Pink Cherry (2014 Megastuff WS Hunt gift)

Skin - Rita Bronze skin by WoW Skins (free lucky board/$350L's group join)

Hair - Yara V1 Roots/Blood by CATWA