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Friday, February 27, 2015

RP in SL

I've been on SL for years, either shopping, exploring or meeting new people.  The one thing I have not done is Roleplay (although I love collecting and wearing various costumes).  Recently, I happened on a couple of medieval themed sims that are truly beautiful and detailed.  Taure Ru and Les Terres d'Asylum.  In Les Terres d'Asylum, you can wander freely, enjoying the sights and sounds of this medieval fantasy world.  Unfortunately, I do not know much about this sim, because I have not run into anybody while there.  I also cannot find any rules required to roam the land.  All the information I have found are in French and regrettably, I failed French class when I was a wee lass. (wink)

Taure Ru, on the other hand encourages you to read their rules, be in character and appropriately dressed, before entering their sim.  If you are a visitor, you must wear their Observer titler.  The land of Taure Ru reminds me of Lord of the Rings.  It seems darker than Les Terres, but it is very detailed and you can easily get lost wandering the caves.  At the Welcome Center, there are information about Guilds, Factions and Races.  Also, there are mentors that are online that will help you on your role playing journey.  I (sorta) met one last night while wandering the caves.  I never actually saw him, but he im'd me and welcomed me to Taure Ru and asked if I needed any help.  We chatted about the classes offered on RP in Taure Ru, and before I knew it, he helped me to narrow down my choices as to what guild I wanted to belong in, and what faction I wanted to join, and gave me direction as to what I need to do to make that happen.  I wasn't even planning to join in the world of RP, but here I am....contacting the Lord of Taure Ru, leader of the Rangers, so I can begin my training!  Well, we will see where this journey takes me.

For you, I hope you will at least journey to these lands and take a look around.  Support those that spent long hours creating such a beautiful world for our discovery and pleasure.

With all that said....

Let's move on to our freebie of the day!  White Armory is offering this gorgeous green Juliet gown as their group gift.  I absolutely love the medieval costumes that White Armory creates and I especially love it when they are free!  This emerald hued, velvet gown, also comes with the matching guilded cross necklace.  Noble, elegant, refined...only a true Lady would wear such an exquisite gown.  Just call me Lady Greenlee!

Don't you agree, this hair style goes so well with this gown? You can get this freebie at Little Bones.  I love, love, love the ombre color and the braid in the back. It also includes a color changing HUD.  Go check out Little Bones and pick up one of the many group gifts they have out.  Heck, you can purchase them all for free, (with a group join fee of $100L's).  Ladies, it's worth the money! 

Gown and necklace:  Juliet gown and in Emerald and guilded cross necklace by White Armory (Free GG/free to join)

Hair:  Birdie hair by Little Bones (Free GG/$100 group join fee)

Shape:  Braylynn by External Appearance (past black hunt gift/no longer available)

Skin:  Cherie skin by WoW Skins (Free Feb. 2015 GG/$350 group join fee)

Eyes:  Dorian eyes in shiny brown by Inkheart  (Past free GG/free to join)