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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The sweeter side of Moulin Rouge

Happy Sunday, all!  I've been spending time wandering SL, experiencing the beautiful landscapes and locales of this wonderful, virtual world of ours.  I know this blog is primarily about free and inexpensive clothing, accessories, skins, shapes, etc., but I believe that the best freebies are the amazing landscapes, buildings, homes and virtual worlds that are out there to be discovered.  So, in my posts, I like to premier some of my discoveries.  Today, I happened on Moulin Rouge, Paris.  Of course all of us knows of the Cabaret, but as I walked around, I realized this sim is more than that.  You can discover a little Cafe where you can either lounge on a comfy couch inside, or sit outside with the beautiful flowers outlining the patio, sipping lemonade and enjoying the scenery.  You can't ignore the replica of the iconic Eiffel tower, or if you just walk a few steps into the city, you can pick up a pretzel from one of the vendors, then make a phone call to your special someone in a vintage telephone booth.  There's so much more to discover here!  Come and check it out.  I will definitely come back and post more pics soon.  Until then, come explore Moulin Rouge for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

Dress:  Beige/Lace Peplum dress by Zenith Fashion (past GG, looks like this store is no longer in business)

Earrings: Multi Strand Earrings by Lazuri, also comes with matching necklace and color changing HUD (not worn)  (past gift)

Clutch:  Mink fur clutch by Hudson's Clothing Co. (past gift)

Shoes:  Maria shoes in reb by Wetherby's (past daily special for $39, if you look in the Caspervend, you can find similar shoes for the same amount in different colors)

Skin:  Cherie skin by Wow Skins (February GG/free/$350 group join fee)

Shape:  Didy shape by Wow Skins (past gift/free/$350 group join fee)

Make-up:  Your lip gloss #5 beige by Angelica Skin and make-up (past grand opening gift)

Hair:  Naomi hair (Rhodalite) by D!va Hair (past gift)

Location:  Moulin Rouge