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Monday, February 16, 2015

Mon Cherie Mi Amor

Today there are several styles that I have created out of the many free gifts from Mon Cherie,  so I'm just going to dive right in and show you the goodies that Freya Olivieri has so generously placed out for everyone on a table in the front entry.  No need to join a group! Go by and get your free gifts, but also look around the store at the many beautiful creations she has for sale.  You won't be disappointed!

Check out this sexy burlesque outfit that includes the corset, boa, stockings, heels and hairpiece.  It comes in red or (as shown here) black.  Very stylish, not too revealing, but sexy enough that your man will appreciate his woman in this provocative outfit.

Outfit - Burlesque Angel Outfit by Mon Cherie (free gift at entrance)

Skin - Cherie skin by WoW Skins (free Feb. GG/$350L group join fee)

Shape - Didy shape WoW Skins 

Chaise - Hudson bench by The Willowinds (Free/Add Some Red Hunt2 gift)

Hair - Marie Type A in Black Amber by D!va Hair (past gift)

Here's a close-up of the free make-up and earrings from Mon Cherie.  The make-up gift set has nine different looks from beautiful model looks (like the one above) to Mascara Tears as you will see below.  Whatever your mood, whatever your emotion, you can express it with Mon Cherie!  Also featured, are the butterfly earrings that comes in 3 colors (I'm wearing Rainy Sky).

Earrings - Odd Beauty in Rainy Sky by Mon Cherie (free gift at entrance)

Makeup Tattoo - Smokey Eye by Mon Cherie

Hair - Elektra in Coral by Beautiful Dirty Rich (free gift/no group join)

This beautiful picture showcases the sexy striped vest gift and sequin leggings by Mon Cherie.  The vest comes in 4 colors and leggings come in 3.  I am also wearing the unique Snake necklace that wraps around your neck and criss crosses in the back.  Would be beautiful with a backless gown.  (See pics below for the back view)

Vest - Striped vest in blue by Mon Cherie (free at entrance)

Leggings - Leggings in Rockstar Jet by Mon Cherie (free at entrance)

Necklace - Snake back in Silver by Mon Cherie (free at entrance)

Location - 

The make-up gift box includes this Red Glossy make-up tattoo, and as you can see, I'm wearing a beautiful pair of red earrings to match (another free earring gift by Mon Cherie).  To pull the whole look together, I've switched out the blue striped vest with the red version. As the French would say, "Très beau!"
Earrings - Chandelier earrings in Ruby Corall by Mon Cherie (free at entrance)

Makeup Tattoo - Red Glossy Lips by Mon Cherie (free at entrance)

Vest - Striped vest in red by Mon Cherie (free at entrance)

Location - The Outer Garden

Why am I crying?  Because I'm back in high school.  Who wouldn't cry over that!

These are the last gifts for the day.  You've got to admit, Mon Cherie has provided some fabulous gifts!  There's even a gift for the men, a set male briefs.  Freya's thought of everything!  In these pics I'm wearing the anti-bullying tanks that comes in 2 colors (pink/black).  Also, I switched up my earrings to show you the Odd Beauty earrings in purple.  Below is the back view of the Snake necklace I mentioned earlier.    And lastly, look at this awesome leather backpack that comes with a HUD so you can change up the look!  LOOOOOOVE IT!

Makeup Tattoo - Mascara Tears by Mon Cherie (free at entrance)

Tanks - Bullying Stops Here tanks by Mon Cherie  (free at entrance)

Earrings - Odd Beauty in Purple Night by Mon Cherie (free gift at entrance)

Hair - Bambi hair in Platinum by D!va Hair (free GG/free to join)

Necklace - Snake back in Silver by Mon Cherie (free at entrance)

Backpack - Little backpack w/color change and resizable HUD  (free at entrance)

Location - Oakdale High