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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Purple Passion

You know the saying..."why so blue?" How about we change it up a bit...."why so purple?"  Why?  Because it rocks!  It's not only reserved for royalty, ya know.  Today's featured freebies are...this sweet little purple and black dress by Kamiri and the lovely purple hair by (Red) Mint.  Both places have several group gifts, so be sure to join and pick up as many goodies as you can.  

A little advise about (Red) Mint, I must be blind, but I could not find the group join sign.  If you right click on the group gift (the current one is on the floor, the past ones are on the ceiling...the one I am wearing is on the ceiling), select edit, you'll see the group listed.  Just click on that.  Believe it or not, I never knew you could do this!  When I couldn't locate a group join sign, I would have to do a search and sometimes, I'd have a heck of a time trying to locate the correct group.  Duh!  Hope I'm not the only one out there that didn't know this tip.  Live and learn, right?  Enjoy your gifties and have a great day!

Dress:  Eleanora mesh minidress by Kamiri (Free GG/free to join)

Hair:  GG 12'14 by (Red Mint) (Free GG/free to join)

Sim:  Monster Club