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Monday, April 6, 2015

Beauty Sleeps Among the Lotus Flower

She sleeps in splendor, dressed in the richness of lavender, reminiscent of spring blooms and fresh scents of nature.  This is the image I get when I'm dressed in this sweet Easter gown by White Armory.  Though Easter has passed, you can still swing by White Armory to pick up this beautiful gown before it vanishes.  Afterwards, make your way to Japan Tempura Island where you and your loved one can take in the romance of this sim. Whether you are dancing in the grand ballroom located in the opulent castle of Tempura Island, or you are roaming the gardens with it's cherry blossom trees and large, blooming lotus flowers, or peacefully meditating surrounded by glistening water, you will find all that you are looking for in this breathtaking place. 

 Dress:  Lovely lavender gown by White Armory (Free GG/Easter gift/free group join)

Hair:  Spring hair (grey) by [Amarelo Manga]

Shape:  Dira by Dulce Secrets

Skin:  Alice skin by Sugarush

Hands:  Elegant by Slink

Location:  Japan Tempura Island