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Monday, May 4, 2015

All That is Magical...

Hunts, hunts, hunts!  So many little time!  It's Spring and it seems like the hunts are in bloom!  There's so many, and it really gets hard at times trying to pick which ones to do.  Recently, I've been enjoying the Medieval sims and when I heard that Zahm was hosting the Fae Hunt, I just couldn't resist!  All items are free and the stores participating are offering beautiful medieval costumes, elven ears, fairy wings, and medieval decorations.  It's truly magical!  Have fun, happy hunting and may you all add a little spark of wonder and magic to your life!♥

Outfit:  Zanzaa Stone outfit with Bow and Arrow Quiver by Black Hole Sun (Free/Fae Hunt gift)

Hair:  No. 16'14 by (Red) Mint (Past GG)

Skin:  2nd Anniversary Skin by 7 Deadly Skins  (Past gift)

Shape:  Jelly Shape by Cupcakes Skins (Store no longer available)

Outfit:  Leaf fairy costume with wings by {Acios} (Free/Fae Hunt gift)

Tiara:  Zanzaa headdress by  Black Hole Sun (Free/Fae Hunt gift)

Antennae:  Pearl Antennae by Spyralle (Free/Fae Hunt gift)

Hair:  Gardenhead by Little Bones (Free GG/$100L group join fee)

Mushroom and flower decor:  Woodland Nympha setting with 9 animations and firefly particles by Adorably Strange Wares  (Free/Fae Hunt gift)

Glowing flowers:  Pink Pixie Posies by Imagine Flowers and Garden (Free/Fae Hunt gift)

Skin:  Mirrin Bordeaux by Dulce Secrets (Past hunt gift)

Shape:  Charmayn shape by External Appearance (Past hunt gift)

Outfit:  Spider Silk by **DSO** (Free/Fae Hunt gift)

Ears:  Elf Ears by Gothic Desires (Free/Fae Hunt gift)

Hair:  Carolina Mesh Hair by Venus Mesh Hair (Past gift)

Skin:  2nd Anniversary Skin by 7 Deadly Skins  (Past gift)

Shape:  Charmayn shape by External Appearance (Past hunt gift)