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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Feeling My Asian Roots

Today I decided to do a post to honor my Asian half of me.  I found this Asian skin in my inventory and it reminded me that I just recently picked up this lovely silk Asian-inspired dress at Soul.  I was there to check out their wall of free group gifts and went inside to see what else they had to offer. After looking around, I realized everything was priced between $60L-$99L.  Wow, what a great deal! These are quality clothing, skins and hair for such an affordable price.  I love the sound of that!  For example, this gown I'm wearing is only $60L, or you can buy the fatpack for only $180L  (which I did, because I loved the other prints that this dress comes in).  That's a great price for a dress of this quality.  I ended up buying a few more dresses that day, a long skirt and top set and 2 elegant suits.  This is why I always say to look around after you go to a store for a freebie, you never know what you will find.  Also, always be respectful and give back to those who have been so generous as to provide their distinctive creations as gifts just for us!  Enjoy!  And as we say in Vietnamese, "Chào thân ái"

Dress:  Mesh Sweet Gown in Gold Chinese print by Soul

Hair:  Sheena hair by LeLutka (Free gift)

Earrings:  Frills earrings in Gold and Amethyst by Swallow (Free GG/free group join)

Headpiece:  Artemis Headchain in Gold and Moonstone by Lumae ($10L/We Love Roleplay)

Skin:  Light Asian Pink Lip skin from Rag Dolls Designs (Free in a box of 34 skins, found upstairs)

Bracelets:  No More Cuffs bracelet in Gold by Wimey (Wayward hunt gift 04/15)

Eyes:  Europe eyes-Prinneus by Inkheart (World tour 2015 hunt gift)

Shape:  Amanda shape by Wow Skins

Hands:  Elegant hands by Slink

Makeup:  Foxxe Makeup in Golden by Plastik (Free gift/02/15 With Love Fair)

Fan:  Year of Dragon fan by Maeven Designs (2012 gift)

Location:  Xi Xiang