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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Vintage never goes out of style!

I love retro...don't you?  This beeeeuteeeful dress from Azul reminds me of the 50's. A simpler time. Remember Happy Days, or Father Knows Best?  Weren't those great shows!  That's how I feel when I'm wearing this lovely, black lace, calf length dress.  It just brings back times where sexy and beautiful did not go hand in hand with bearing a lot of skin.  Instead, beauty was equal to class and sophistication.  Now off my soapbox and back to shopping.  Actually, I think I'll have a hamburger and a soda.  I might as well take advantage of this retro diner. Good times!

Dress:  March 2015 GG Mesh Dress by Azul (Free group gift/free group join)

Necklace and Earrings:  Red Stardust by M's Avon

Ring: Posh Canary Ring Gold by Rebel Hope Designs

Hair:  Spring Hair in Red by Amarelo Manga

Shoes:  Pin Up Stilettos in Red by MPP-My Pretty Pixels

Skin & Shape:  Amanda Tan Skin & Shape by WoW Skins

Sim:  The Diner