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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Who says oil and fashion don't mix?

 When you think of a garage, you can't help but think of oil...but fashion?? Well, unlike oil and water, the Garage Fair certainly can mix oil and fashion with flair!  (That's a stretch, I know, but hey...I'm no English major! lol)  Among the trash, wooden crates, water towers, old cars and trucks, are stores set up in garages full of awesome items from clothing to skins.  You don't want to miss this fair!  It only runs to 05/10/2015.  Each store has a gift you can pick up for only $1L!  Just look for an old brown crate.  Don't miss out!  

Outfit:  Abnara Rock Biker Style Complete Outfit  and make-up by Brii Underground Wear  ($1L/TGF 2015 gift)

Hair:  Coco *browns* by Soonsiki

Skin:  Nana Skin by Envyme Skin & Shape Store ($1L/TGF 2015 gift)

Shape:  Jelly Shape by Cupcakes (No longer in business)

Feet:  High feet shape by SLINK

Sim:  Everwinter Post Apocalyptic Theme Park