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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Brazen and Bold in Crimson

Morea Style has a gorgeous fiery dress out right now as a group gift for their members, called Agnes.  This a a wonderful dress that would be great for a night of salsa dancing in Brazil, or the Tango in Spain.  Ole! Agnes is bold and brazen, not for the timid!  Combined with the Valentina hair in Passion by Vanity Hair, you will make heads turn!  Heck, while I was taking these pictures I had several im's by some passersby who complimented the look. Lol  If you want to make an impression, go by and pick up this jaw-dropping dress at Morea Style.  Adios mi amor!

Dress:  Agnes dress, earrings and bracelet by Morea Style (free GG/free group join)

Lipstick:  Ramira lipstick tattoo in Cherry by Ramya at Yasum Designs (free GG/free group join/when you arrive at Yasum you will need to TP to Freebie Town, everything there is free!)

Anklet:  Merlot gold anklet with charms (comes with Merlot silk outfit) by Firefly Exotic Clothing

Hair:  Valentina hair in Passion by Vanity Hair (free GG/$399 group join fee)

Skin:  Cyera skin in Sangria by Dulce Secrets (past hunt gift)

Shape:  March GG 2015 by Curves Shapes & Skins (past GG)

Feet:  Bare feet (came with Rosa Old Glamour Skin and Shape) by Bite & Claw

Location:  Izmir Park