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Sunday, June 21, 2015

More Than Ever ~ Amazing!

I am so excited to blog about one of my favorite clothing stores today!  More Than Ever is participating in the Flawless Summer Nights Cart Sale and Hunt and Ever Wonder (the stores owner) has created some truly beautiful dresses for all occasions, to be featured during the Cart Sale.  Today I'm going to show you one of my favorite dresses on the cart and the hunt gift that she has so generously provided for free!  Make sure that you go and check out the store afterwards.  I was in there yesterday as I was testing my links for the store, and I saw some really pretty outfits that I'm going to have to go back and purchase after I'm done with this blog.  What I like the most about More Than Ever is the size of the store.  It is not your huge department store setting, instead it's a quaint little boutique.  Reminds me of the saying, "small, but mighty". And like a quaint, upscale boutique, every single item in it is well made, stylish and (unlike an upscale boutique) well priced!  I don't know about you, but some of the huge stores in SL are nice, but overwhelming, and with my A.D.D. I tend to leave without buying anything, sometimes. With a store like More Than Ever, I feel more comfortable, spending more time there.  Everything is beautifully made, and I haven't found one thing that wouldn't belong in the best fashion magazines.  Truely!  Go and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed!   

This first outfit below is a stunner!  And at the low price of $175L's, this is a bargain!  As I was visiting the different sims, trying to choose the perfect place to take pictures, I was complimented on this outfit by everyone I met.  I love the red, white and blue fringes on the top.  It reminds me of fireworks and Independence day, or heck, 4th of July is coming up and this would be perfect to wear! But this is not regulated for patriotic themed days, because of the floral design on the maxi skirt, this would make be a great outfit to wear at a beach party, or an intimate picnic with a loved one. The possibilities are endless!

Outfit:  Tropical Fringe Top and Maxi Skirt in Red and Blue by More Than Ever at the Flawless Summer Nights Cart Sale and Hunt

Necklace:  Miss Jewell necklace by Miss Jewell (Free gift)

Earrings:  Lexi earrings by Pure Poison

Bracelet:  NOX Silver bangles by **RE** (Free on SL Marketplace)

Hair:  Isbet Red hair by London Core Designs

Skin:  V2 Creamy GG skin by Wow Skins (past GG)

Shape:  Braylynn by External Appearance Shapes

Hands:  Elegant hands by Slink

1st Pose:  November Gift pose by Vestige Pose Shop ($1L)

2nd Pose:  Dope 2015 Pose #3 by Vestige Pose Shop ($1L)

Location:  DeCuir Creations Fireworks


This next dress is so yummy!  It's actually called Lemon Bar and it just makes my mouth water!  lol  My favorite color is yellow, so I fell in love with this immediately.  I really love the detail around the neck and waist.  This would be a great date night dress or just meeting the girls for lunch.  It's classy and stylish and best of all it's free!  Just search for the little popsicle stick.  Happy hunting!

Dress:  Lemon Bar dress by More Than Ever (free/Flawless Summer Nights hunt gift)

Bracelet:  Parure Perla Carree bracelets by AlaFolie (free gift/look for the cornucopia filled with gift boxes by the waterfall)

Eye Shadow:  2nd Gift in Yellow/Green eye shadow by [XCW] (free on SL Marketplace)

Hair:  Gardenhead by Little Bones (free GG/$100L group join fee)

Skin:  V2 Creamy GG skin by Wow Skins (past GG)

Shape:  Braylynn by External Appearance Shapes

Pose:  Free Model Pose F06 10, pose #8 by Desire (free on SL Marketplace)

Location:  Windswept, Dolly