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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

So Blue

It's been a few days since I've been able to log into SL, because of issues with Firestorm.  For awhile there I almost thought I would never be able to log in at all.  Therefore, no more blog, no more sims to discover and most of all, no more shopping.  After trying lots of different suggestions to try and get SL running on my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling different viewers, I'm up and running again.  Unfortunately, I'm still feeling a bit blue, because half my inventory is missing. :(  Luckily, Earth and Sky Designs just released a new freebie and it suits my mood perfectly!  It's this adorable off-the-shoulder tunic in Ocean blue.  So cute and so appropriate for my sullen state of mind.  Hopefully, I can retrieve the rest of my inventory some day.  Until then, I guess I better get to shopping and exploring to build it back up again.  Just glad I'm back to bring you some great fashion and freebies in this Second Life of ours.   Au revoir (for now)!

Dress:  Pippa off the shoulder hippie mesh dress in Ocean by Earth and Sky Designs (free)

Jewelry:  LUM-Stratum Aurea Adami choker and earrings by Luminesse

Shoes:  Blue Dancer heels by Citrus (no longer available)

Hair:  Keepsake hair by Moon (past Wayward hunt gift)

Eyes:  2013 mesh eyes #3 by Swallow (free GG/$15L group fee)

Skin:  Marita skin in Dark Tan by WoW Skins

Shape:  Summer by External Appearance ($25L's)

Location:  Windswept, Dolly