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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Steampunk and Elegance

I've always been fascinated by anything Steampunk.  Not sure why, could be the fact it combines the old with the new.  Old world 19th century fashion combined with science fiction inspired technology. The many different creations that come out of this style is astounding!  While going through my massive inventory, I found a gift box I acquired last year...unopened! So, of course I had to see what was in the box.  To my surprise, it contained a complete outfit.  The outfit itself, is an elegant take on the Steampunk style.  This lovely gown is made by Folklorica and comes in a few different options to how you can wear it, from Xrated to very demure and completely covered. I chose the option that's in between the 2 extremes.  It shows just a little bit of skin, but still keeping all the important parts completely covered.  This beautiful dress also comes with the matching fan, chunky bracelets, hair accessories and boots.  It's amazing what you can find in your inventory.  I know I have many more unopened gift boxes in there to discover.  I bet you do too!  Take a day off shopping and hunting and just go through your inventory, you never know what you may find!  

Outfit:  Steampunk Asiyana in Blue Lotus by Folklorica

Necklace:  Boho Time necklace by Pure Poison (free GG/free group join)

Hair:  Lamar hairstyle in Blondy by CATWA

Skin:  Marita skin in Dark Tan by WoW Skins

Shape:  Summer by External Appearance