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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Crown of Palaces

I recently stumbled on a sim I haven't visited before, called Mumtaz.  It's a lovely sim featuring Indian architecture, such as the great Taj Mahal which means the "Crown of Palaces" in Arabic.  If you like to visit exotic sims, this place is a must see.  From walking the intimate gardens of Mumtaz, to the beautiful view of the Taj Mahal pool, to a private hideaway, to shopping, or to a unique underground club...there is so much to discover!  What led me to search for this place was this alluring outfit I picked up at Firefly.  Firefly sells exotic, quality clothing and jewelry.  I just fell in love with this little camisk, with it's hood and jewelry from head to toe.  All of it, ab-so-lute-ly free! As I put it on, I thought of the beautiful silks that the Indian women wear, so I had to find a an Indian themed sim....and voila!  I landed in Mumtaz, Taj Mahal.  I had so much fun taking pictures there, I had a hard time deciding on which pics to use to show the beauty of the architecture and of the outfit.  I hope you enjoy both!  اتمنى لك يوما طيبا 

Outfit:  Celebration Silks by Firefly (free GG/free group join)

Eyes:  Valentine Gift 2014 by Brixley Eyes ($1L)

Bindi:  Purple bindi by Zaara

Eyeliner:  Double Trouble eyeliner by Glow Studios

Lip Gloss:  Your Lip Gloss #8 by Angelica (free GG/$300L group join fee)

Hair:  Goody hair by (Red) Mint

Skin:  Giorgia V2 Tone 3 skin by YS&YS

Shape:  DolceNera shape by WoW Skins

Hands and Feet:  Elegant Hands and Mid heeled feet by SLINK

Location:  Mumtaz: Taj Mahal