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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The African Summer Hunt

Hey!  Another cool hunt for these hot summer days, is going on now!  It's called The African Summer Hunt hosted by Fi's Hunts and the prizes range from wild African print clothing, accessories, home decor to actual animals found in the African countryside.  This is one hunt that you can feel safe in knowing no animals have been harmed. ☺ So have fun and bring home a bit of Africa to jazz up your wardrobe, home, or garden. For as Maya Angelou once said, "for more than a glamorous fact.  It is a historical truth."  It's this rich history that has been captured by the designers of The African Summer Hunt just for us and to them, I say, "Thank you!"

Swimsuit:  African Summer swimsuit by Fi's Creations (free African Summer Hunt gift)

Necklace & Sunglasses:  Ash necklace & sunglasses by Never Ever (free African Summer Hunt gift)

Shoes:  African Summer Boots by Country Couture (free African Summer Hunt gift)

Hair:  Faith Mesh hair in brown by L+N Signature Designs (past 2015 Hair Fair gift)

Bed:  African Summer Bed & Fur rug by The Willowinds (free African Summer Hunt gift)

Giraffes:  African Summer Hunt Gift giraffes by Imagine Flowers & Garden (free African Summer Hunt gift)

Clay Vases:  Large and small Monkey Face vases by Kaya's Ray of Sunshine (free African Summer Hunt gift)

Potted Flowers:  Wicker Pot with Daisies by Kaya's Ray of Sunshine (free African Summer Hunt gift)

Location:  TechLab Oldest and Largest Sandbox