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Monday, August 3, 2015

Aloha Fair...Livin' the Life!

From Paris to Hawaii, I'm livin' the 'SL' life!  The Aloha Fair is back and it's full of great fashion designs from all your favorite designers!  It's bigger and better than ever!  There's bathing suits, accessories, home decor, skins, shapes...and much, much more.  All with a beach theme for your summer escapades.  And a bonus, many of the designers have put out little gifties from $0-$1L!  You can look stylish without breaking the bank.  My kinda shopping!  Today, I thought I'd take in some resort sailing at Celebrities Bay.  What a great sim, by the way!  If you like the resort life, with some dancing, sunbathing or sailing, you have to check this place out. And heck, you never may meet an SL celebrity!  Of course with the name Celebrities Bay, you can't just show up looking shabby, so I put together this lovely little ensemble from some of my gifts from the Aloha Fair.  I just love the shimmery gold mesh bathing suit by NoName and the jewelry by Tantalum and sunglasses by ArisAris go perfectly together!  A match made in heaven..uh..correction a match made in Hawaii!  And did you notice the cute, little, vintage flamingo bag by Knockers, (carrying every girl's beach essential...magazines)?  Before heading out to the beach, drop by The Aloha Fair to check out the awesome items the vendors have put out for sale.  Many exclusives that you just can't miss!  Time for me to set sail.  Aloha!

Swimsuit:  Amy swimsuit by NoName ($1L/Aloha Fair gift)

Jewelry:  Aitreyu necklace by Tantalum ($1L/Aloha Fair gift)

Sunglasses:  AA26 Charismatic Sunflower sunglasses by ArisAris & Armory ($1L/Aloha Fair gift)

Bag:  Vintage Summer Tote by Knockers  ($1L/Aloha Fair gift)

Shoes:  Lailah shoes by Shoenique (free GG/$50L group join fee)

Hair:  Despina by Tameless Hair (2015 Hair Fair gift)

Skin:  2nd Anniversary skin by 7 Deadly S{k}ins

Shape:  Diva Shape2 by Wow Skins

Location:  Celebrities Bay