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Sunday, August 9, 2015

The White Armory in Tarinfall

As many of you all know, I love the Medieval times and tried my hand at role playing in SL. Unfortunately, I suck at staying in character and speaking correctly.  So, I'm sure I irritated some of the more serious players.  (Shrugs)  At least I gave it try!  Well, even though I may not be able to role play, I can at least look the part and visit the amazing Medieval themes in SL.  Today I came across this beautiful sim called Tarinfall.  It has everything you would want in a Medieval sim, cottages, magical forests, castles, and so much more.  I flew around and saw so many areas where I want to come back and explore more deeply.  Just lovely!
  Make sure if you are visiting, pick up a free Hud that shows you are an Observer.  As I wandered around I was greeted by a resident who offered to answer any questions and said the people there are very friendly, which is always a plus in my book!  What prompted me to search for a Medieval sim today was this beautiful gown I'm wearing by The White Armory.  It is their current group gift and truly spectacular.  I've been shopping at the The White Armory for awhile now.  I just love the Medieval clothing and weapons that they have there.  Every outfit and weapon I have purchased is very authentic looking, and the attention to detail is what keeps me coming back for more.  This gown is called Lady Rebecca (I'm partial to that name, so of course I had to get it!), and it is their free group gift this month.  The colors of the gown are so pretty and there are several ways you can wear this gown which makes it so versatile.  I just can't put into words how much I like The White Armory and their creations.  Go by and see for yourself!  For now, fare-the-well my sweet friends. ♥

Gown:  Lady Rebecca gown set by The White Armory (free GG/free group join)

Headband:  GG Barbed headband by Grumble (past Fae Hunt gift)

Eyes:  Dream eye 06 by Dulce Secrets (free Dulce Secrets 2014 collection eye pack at Free Dove)

Hair:  Freya by Calico Hair ($25L)

Skin:  Cleo skin by [KAOS] (free GG/free group join)

Shape:  Aaloni shape by Adam & Eve (free on SL marketplace)