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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Don't Ya Wanna Marry Me?

In this stunning dress, who wouldn't want to marry me?  Lol!  If you are planning an SL wedding and you are on a tight budget, than the Marry Me Hunt is just for you!  All the prizes are only $1L and they range from proposal gestures, to Bridal decorations, to his/hers wedding rings and apparels.  Almost everything you would need for a beautiful wedding!  I'm keeping it short today, but wanted to at least let you all know about the Marry Me Hunt going on now through August 31st.  Happy hunting!  And hey, send me an invite to your wedding, I'd love to go!  Hugs!

Wedding Gown set:  Chiffon Sparkle Wedding gown and veil by Kitty Shape Wears ($1L/Marry Me hunt prize)

Wedding Ring:  Marry Me Wedding ring set (female) by Glint ($1L/Marry Me hunt prize)

Ring;  Wrapped in Love Two Toned ring set (female) by Mesh Glam ($1L/Marry Me hunt prize)

Jewelry:  Nora Pearl Set by Asteria Creations (free GG/free group join)

Headdress:  Roses headband by <Purrrfect> (free lucky letter prize)

Eyes:  Carnival Spiral mesh eyes by Banana Banshee

Hair:  Celeste II Mega Pack hair by Alice Project

Skin & Shape:  Faith #6 skin and shape by Deluxe Body Factory (free Midnight Mania prize)