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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fairy Faye

It's another magical day in SL!  How I love the mystical, magical sims and the costumes that go along with it!  I came across a medieval  sim called The Realm of Cirra'Liel the other day.  It's absolutely beautiful.  There's caves to explore, there's forests with enchanting fireflies and hidden cottages, there's even a medieval encampment right in the middle of the forest (reminds me of Robin Hood and his men hiding from the law)...and that's just what I've seen walking a few feet into the Realm, there's still so much more for me to explore!  And true to form, I just had to fit the part as I explored.  I decided to don my new Midnight Mania gift from Faery Fae and go as...(you guessed it) a fairy!  lol If you like being a fairy, Faery Fae has all your fairy needs!  This outfit comes with the gown, wings, necklace, and (my favorite part of the outfit) a beautiful garland of flowers for the crown.  I also love the hair that I'm wearing with this dress by Little Bones, it was hard to choose which color I wanted it be because there was a purple color in the HUD that would have matched the dress perfectly, but instead I opted for the blue to match my eyes and the garland and I think it offset the color of the gown and wings.  Gave the look a little punch of a contrasting color.  Yes, that's me over thinking my looks again.  ☺  Anyway, have a magical day and check out Faery Fae and The Realm of Cirra'Liel!

Outfit:  Camellia in Pink dress, wings, necklace and head garland by Faery Faye (free Midnight Mania gift)

Eyes:  Dream eyes 06 by Dulce Secret (free 2014 collection, can be found at Free Dove)

Hair:  Birdie Dipped hair with color HUD by Little Bones (free group gift/$100L group join)

Skin:  Eurys Riesling by Dulce Secrets

Location:  The Realm of Cirra'Liel