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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Life is a Waltz...

Good evening friends!  There's 2 new group gifts at Entice that I wanted to tell you about.  There's a gorgeous, form-fitting, sleeveless gown and an elegant, matching earrings called "Waltz With Me".  I just love the beauty of the fabric.  Unfortunately, SL was giving me a bit of trouble and the skirt portion of the gown never fully rezzed like the top portion.  The detail is so much better then my pics, but at least you can get an idea of how the gown looks.  It forms perfectly with your figure and looks elegant enough for a night at the Grand Ball.  The name of the gown reminds me of a quote from Alberto Rosas, "If life is a waltz, then we need to enjoy each turn, savor each step and not miss out on a single beat."  In other words, live life to the fullest and dance like there's no tomorrow!

Dress:  Waltz With Me Earth gown by Entice (free GG/free group join)

Earrings:  Waltz With Me Earth earrings by Entice (free GG/free group join)

Necklace:  2011 necklace by M's Avon

Hair:  Remembrance in Bronze Brown by Lollipopz

Eye Makeup:  Mi Amor Deep Smoke eye makeup by Pink Acid (past With Love Fair 2015 gift)

Eyes:  Dream eye 06 by Dulce Secrets (free gift @ Free Dove)

Skin & Shape:  Ashley Sinuous Black in M skin color by Poudre