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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wrestle Mania in Aloha

Every girl needs to be ready for all occasions.  It's not always about glamour and gowns.  Sometimes, we girls like to get comfy and take in a sports event like...Wrestle Mania!  What woman wouldn't want to look at two well-formed, young men, getting all hot and sweaty, while imagining them fighting for your honor.  Lol!  Well, if I had to sit through wrestling, this is what I would be imaging to keep me interested. And of course, with the cameras scanning the crowd, I want to always look my best!  Here, I'm wearing the Kesha Sport outfit by SHEY.  You can pick up this awesome two-piece at The Aloha Fair for free! When I got home and opened my Aloha Fair gifts, I got so excited about this outfit, because this is something I would definitely wear in RL.  I love the raised collar on the shirt and the wide legged pants.  I've always thought that wide legged pants gives everyone a thinner appearance and enhances the booty.  Beauty and comfort, all in one!  While I was in the SHEY booth, I ended up buying a beautiful gown and heels (which I will feature in another post, soon).  The prices are fabulous and the quality of every item was top-notch!  I've never heard of SHEY before, but I am now, a new fan!  Speaking of fans, I need to get seated and enjoy the match.  While I do that, I hope you will take a minute and check out the great items available at The Aloha Fair.  Enjoy!

Outfit:  Kesha Sport top and pants by SHEY (free gift @ The Aloha Fair)

Glasses:  Aviator glasses by Juxtapose ($1L @ The Aloha Fair)

Jewelry:  Multi Hoops earrings  & Onyx ring by Beloved Jewelry ($1L GG/free group join)

Hair:  Inna hair in Ombre by EnVogue Hair (2015 Hair Fair gift)

Nails:  Trinity nails by Boss Gloss  (comes with Slink, Omega and Belleza Huds)

Shape:  Simona by Wow Skins

Location:  Jericho Hill Sports Complex