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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Classic in Crimson

It's the weekend and I'm ready to enjoy an evening at the theater!  Of course you can't wear just any 'ol thing, so I picked up this stunning crimson gown at Purple Moon Creations.  I love it!  The fabric is so beautiful and the folds at the bottom adds a bit of glamour to the whole gown.  And there's no need for a necklace, because the gown comes with its own neck adornment.  It also comes with gloves and appliers too!  Purple Moon Creations does not skimp on quality, that's for sure!  I also found this gorgeous hat at Glitterati for $50L's.  It goes perfectly with this dress and (to me) completes the whole look.  If you want to look glamorous, this is the way to do it.  I hope you enjoy!  Have a great SL day!

Dress:  Ingrid Gown by Purple Moon Creations (Free GG/$50L group join fee)

Hat:  Netzy Hat by Glitterati ($50L's)

Eye Makeup- Smokey Eye Makeup by Mon Cherie (past Black Fair gift)

Lipstick:  Vermelho Instenso by .:Glossy:. ($10L's on SL Marketplace)

Hair:  Beatrice Natural Roots Hair by Tameless

Skin:  Purple Smoke Tan Skin by Plastic Flowers (no longer in business)

Shape:  Group Gift Shape by Curves ($20L's, comes with skin and appliers)

Location:  Cassanovas Theater