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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The White Armory's Asiza Forest

Hi again!  2 posts in one day!  That means I'm sick and stuck in bed.  lol  Well, as you know, I love the medieval times and love the attire of those days.  I think it's because of all the books I read as a kid.  So, how excited was I when I saw The White Armory's new group gift called Asiza Forest Guardian.  What a beautiful, gown.  It'a a very versatile gown and can be worn several different ways.  Not only is it elegant, but it makes you feel powerful at the same time, hence the word "Guardian" in the name.  The White Armory has so many awesome Role Play outfits and weaponry there.  I have bought many.  If you love to roleplay, you will definitely want to join their group.  The White Armory has amazing group gifts each month.  Hope you enjoy!

Dress:  Asiza Forest Guardian Gown by The White Armory (Free GG/free group join)

Hair:  Jewel Hair by EMO-tions

Eye Shadow:  Fancy Eyeshadow Set #4 Green by Love Me Skins

Skin:  Charin Skin Cinnamon Sterling by Dulce Secrets

Shape:  Wicked shape by BlondeQueen (Free GG/$100L group join fee)

Pose:  Rose Set Pose 5 by PosESion

Location:  The Autumn Garden