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Friday, April 15, 2016

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV's a lovely day for a hunt!  Don't cha think?  I've got one for the roleplayers out there in SL world that love anything that has to do with the Medieval times.  Of course, that's one of my favorite eras as a child.  I loved any and all books that took me through the mystical, magical, romantic days of old.  Back when there were knights and princesses, kings and queens, love and war.  If you love the Medieval times as much as I do, then you really need to check out the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV.
There are so many items you can pick up that will enhance your SL roleplaying experience, from costumes, to furniture, hair, poses and even towers!  You'll either be looking for a curse or a blessing, or depending on the store, you could be looking for both.  Below are just a few items I've found, but there are many more that I can't wait to post about!  Don't wait, this hunt is only going on until April the 30th.  So get out there and start hunting!  And if you want, feel free to share some pics of your fabulous finds!  Much love and many fortunes!  Have a great SL day!

Alchemist Tower by  Ruathym (free Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV #38) 

Shaman's Lab Table by Tamiron Forge (free Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV #10)

Devil's Work desk & throne by Imagine Flowers & Garden (free Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV #13)

Complete Outfit:  SG Aethelgyth Regalia Steel by Stargazer Creations (free Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV #24)

Lorien Bread Basket by Pekas (free Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV #32)

Hair:  Cursed Maid hair in Grey by Alli & Ali Designs (free Medieval Fantasy Hunt XV #25)

Head:  Annie by CATWA

Skin:  Kylie Tan CATWA skin applier by Bold & Beauty