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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Finding Fashion at the Garage Fair

Hiya!  I've been hanging out at the Garage Fair checking out the Designers participating this year and picking up a few gifties while I was there.  I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up all the freebies and dollarbies to find some fabulous items!  When I thing of a garage, I think of leather, chains, oil spills, industrial warehouse, and metal.  So I was really expecting to find some biker outfits, and Daisy Dukes, and maybe things with skulls and spikes on them.  Now, don't get me wrong, there is a few gifts with the cool biker look and spiked hats, etc...but today I'm showing you the softer, feminine style of The Garage Fair.  In the first picture, Yokana has put together a beautiful summer outfit that comes with the maxi dress, tote and straw hat.  I paired it with the Lennon Specs by Petite Mort and the Always in My Heart necklace by Nina Nervs.  I just think this is a beautiful, yet casual summer outfit you could wear to the beach, or sailing on a yacht or even just out to lunch with friends.  So versatile!

Dress/Hat/Bag:  Adela long dress with matching straw hat and handbag by YoKana @ The Garage Fair 2016 ($1L gift)

Necklace: Always in My Heart necklace (F) by Nina Nerys @ The Garage Fair 2016 (free gift)

Sunglasses:  Lennon Round Specs by Petite Mort @ The Garage Fair 2016 ($1L gift)

Hair:  Scope Mesh Hair with Color Huds by Little Bones (free group gift)

Skin:  Katty Tan Skin Glam JB by EnvyMe @ The Garage Fair 2016 ($1L gift)

Shape:  My own shape

Pose:  Breathe Female Pose by Black Cats @ The Garage Fair 2016 ($1L gift)

Location:  The Mango Yacht Club & Marina

In the next two pics, I mix and matched some of the gifts that I picked up and came up with this cute little ensemble.  I love how the pants by MOoh! go perfectly with the Third Life Azalea frill crop top.  So cute!  And check out the Fedora!  You can barely see it, but it has two little feathers on the side of the hat.  Looks great on both male or female.  Makes me feel like a gangster for some reason.  Lol!  I just don't know many gangsters that wear frilly crop tops and lacey pants, but works! That's what's great about fashion, you can throw out the rules and make your own "look" that expresses your own personal style.  Loving my gifts and can't wait to try on the other items I picked up.  Until next time...Love you all and have a great SL day!

Top:  Azalea frill crop top by /AZ/ @ The Garage Fair 2016 (free Third Life group gift/free group join)

Pants:  Abbey Mesh pants in Lilac by MOoH! @ The Garage Fair 2016 ($1L gift)

Bracelets:  Evil Eye bracelets by IT! @ The Garage Fair 2016 ($1L gift)

Hat:  Fedora Unisex hat by Culco @ The Garage Fair 2016 (free gift)

Glasses:  Rena Glasses by Karla Boutique @ The Garage Fair 2016 ($1L gift)

Skin:  Katty Tan Natural with Smokey Eyes by EnvyMe @ The Garage Fair 2016 ($1L gift)

Shape:  Braylynn shape by External Appearance Shapes ($25L)

Location:  The Garage Fair 2016