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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Queen of High Fells

Hi all!  I'm so excited about the gown I picked up last weekend at The White Armory.  I've been working all week on the pics and it was so hard to chose which ones I liked the most (I took at least 30).  One huge reason is because of  how beautiful the Queen of High Fells gown looks.  It is elegant, yet ethereal.  This mermaid styled gown caresses your curves and flairs out into soft waves of sheer tulle. Something a magical queen would wear!  This gorgeous gown is yours for free at The White Armory.  All you have to do is join their group.  I truly love this store!  It's one of my favorite RP stores in SL. Everything from the clothing to the weapons are made so beautifully, and they never skimp on quality when it comes to the group gifts.  I am not sure how long this will be availabe, so if I were you, I'd hurry on over to The White Armory.  And take a look around!  I know you'll just fall in love with The White Armory as much as I have!

Featured Gown:  Queen of High Fells by The White Armory (Free GG/free group join)

Jewelry:  Square Gems & Pearls color changing jewelry set by Glint (past group gift)

Skin & Shape:  Aprile skin & shape by Hush Skins (past group gift)

Hair/Crown/Flowers:  Titania Hair by LaNoir Soleil (past hunt item)

Location:  Telrunya: Isle of Peace