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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aloha Fair 2016

Aloha my friends!  Guess what's back?  The Aloha Fair!  There's so many great items this year (not that there wasn't last year, of course), but it seems the designers have upped their game.  There's some incredible clothing, beach items, tropical furniture items and even poses.  Not only that, there's gifts galore!  From $0L -$5L's, you can see below that the gifts are truly well made, high quality and hot!  Perfect for the beach!  As they say in Hawaii, 
"Aloha nui loa!"

Bikini:  Blue mesh bikini by Azalea @ The Aloha Fair 2016 ($1L)

Hair Accessory:  Aloha Flower comb by La Gazza Ladra @ The Aloha Fair 2016 ($0L)

Sunglasses:  Charismatic Sunglasses Sunflower by ArisAris @ The Aloha Fair 2016 ($1L)

Jewelry:  Sky necklace & earrings by KL Couture @ The Aloha Fair 2016 ($1L)

Bracelet:  Rainbow Friendship bracelet (Libra) by MOoH! @ The Aloha Fair 2016 ($0L)

Bag:  Aloha Summer bag by Karla Boutique @ The Aloha Fair 2016 ($1L)

Shoes:  Ocean Blue sandals by ArisAris @ The Aloha Fair 2016

Hair:  Nova hair by LeLutka (Hair Fair 2016 gift)

Eyes:  Astral eyes Summer by InkHeart

Skin:  Charlotte skin Tan by Deluxe Body Factory

Shape:  Mist shape by External Appearance Shapes ($25L)

Swimsuit:  Beach Swimwear Aloha 2016 by GypsyChic @ The Aloha Fair 2016 ($1L)

Jewelry:  Aloha gift earrings & bangles by Ghee @ The Aloha Fair 2016 ($5L)

Shoes:  Miller color-changing mesh heels by Emporium @ The Aloha Fair 2016 ($1L)

Lei: Aloha Lei by NSP @ The Aloha Fair 2016  ($1L)

Hair:  Aurora hair in black by Letituier (Hair Fair 2016 gift)

Eyes:  Serenity eyes in Afterlite by Inkheart (past group gift)

Skin:  Hanayo skin in Riesling by Dulce Secrets

Pose:  Firedancer 3 pose by StoryTeller @ The Aloha Fair 2016   ($0L)