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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Back to School Hat Hunt - Crazy Pastry Design's 1910 Boater

Hello again, my darlings!  I am so excited to feature another great gift I picked up while on my Back to School Hat Hunt that is going on now, through September 30th.  I first blogged about this hunt here.  Now, as you can see below, I have a totally different look with today's featured hats created by Crazy Pastry Designs.  I just love how unique and creative these designers are!  Today's hats are a 1910 Young Lady's & Gentlemen's Boater hat.  I have to be honest, I started off pairing this hat with a more modern, sexy, school girl outfit (you know the one....white shirt tied in a knot, plaid mini skirt, white knee socks and a pair of Mary Janes...think Britney Spears' school girl look) .  It was stinkin' cute!  Especially the back view with the bow hanging down from the Boater's brim.  But after completing the look, I took a closer look at the emblem on the hat (which is a crest that says, "Loonacy College, 1898"), and suddenly decided to go with a 1900's college look.  Now that I'm done, I'm so glad I chose to go for the more traditional, classic, old world look.  It pulls together the theme of "Back to School" and how the boater would have been worn by the young men and women of the 1900's.  I hope you like this look as much as I do!  But know that this hat looks great no matter what look you choose.  Make sure you do not miss this hunt, because I think everyone needs a hat for every occasion!  Enjoy!  Happy Hunting!  And lastly, thank you Crazy Pastry for such lovely hat!

Female Outfit:

Featured Hat:  Back to School 1910 Young Lady's Boater by Crazy Pastry ($1L/Back to School Hat Hunt gift)

Dress:  Free Ladies Outfit 1900 by Ile Sainte Marie - Les Bains ($0L)

Tie:  Skoolz Daze School tie by GFS

Hair:  Vivianne hair in Dark Honey by Alli & Ali Designs

Skin:  Loreen skin shade 6 by Earth & Sky Skin Factory  ($0L)

Shape:  Summer shape by External Appearance

Male Outfit:

Featured Hat:  Back to School 1910 Young Gentleman's Boater by Crazy Pastry ($1L/Back to School Hat Hunt gift)

Vest:  Ashen Sweater vest and sweater by SKM on the Marketplace  ($0L)

Pants:  Rey Formal Suit pants by Tiffany Designs

Tie:  Skoolz Daze School tie by GFS

Eyes:  Natural Brown eyes by Ls on the Marketplace ($0L)

Mustache:  Mustache Y'all by Drot (past Men Only Hunt gift)

Skin:  Jackson May GG skin by Wow skins (past group gift)

Shape:  Winterwonderland 2012 gift shape by (Red)Sand