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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Back to School Hat Hunt with a Panda Pom Pom hat by {Eclipse}

Ok, you guys are going to think I'm crazy.  Well,  yes I am, but that's still hot here in Texas and in my last post I did a Fall themed setting and today I've moved on to Winter!  I guess this heat is making me delirious and I just want the crisp weather to begin.  No more 90 degrees, please.  :)  

I hope you aren't tired of my blogs about the Back to School Hat Hunt, but I'm just not tired of featuring the great gifts the designers have created.  Exceptional quality and creativity has gone into these gifts and today's hat is no exception!  Look at how cute this is!  The Panda Pom Pom Hat created by {Eclipse} is just simply, adorable.  It also comes with a color changing HUD that gives you options to coordinate with your outfits.  Today I decided to go with a pure white, punk look.  But wouldn't this also look great with a sweater dress, or for the boys, a tee and baggy jeans?  As my Asian mom would say in her broken English, "I just LUB it!"  lol  Today's the 27th.  That means you have only 3 days before this hunt is over!  You do NOT want to miss out!  And hey, if you end up creating some cute outfits out of your gifts, I'd love to see them!  

Enjoy and have an awesome SL day!

Featured Hat:  Panda Pom Pom hat with color Hud by {Eclipse} ($1L/Back to School Hat Hunt gift)

Dress:  Bandage white dress by Vitrimi

Hair:  Mai hair by Hanauta

Eyes:  Tender eyes Autumn by InkHeart ($0L/SLF&O group gift/free group join)

Skin & Shape:  Vlada by Pumec Skins

Location:  Below Zero