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Sunday, September 25, 2016

NSP's Woodstock Beanie at the Back to School Hat Hunt

Hello my lovelies!  Today I wanted to present to you a stunning look I put together with one of my prizes I picked up on the Back to School Hat Hunt.  NSP designed this beautiful Woodstock Beanie and hair combo exclusively for this hunt, and I'm lovin' it!  It comes with a 6 color changing HUD, and a removable crown of sunflowers, (and if you know me, you know I LOVE sunflowers!).  I paired this with a gorgeous gown to give it a more mystical, ethereal look, but this hat is so versatile, you can pair it with a modern outfit, or (as it's name suggests), a hippy/hipster look.  All you need to do is change the color and remove the flowers and voila!, you've got a totally different look!  I am truly in love with this beanie, as I am with all of NSP's creations.  I've visited their stores for a while now and they keep wowing me with their beautiful designs.  Believe it or not, this incredible gift is only $1L!  Do not hesitate, because the Back to School Hat Hunt is ending on Sept. 30th.  That's only 5 days!  Hurry, hurry!  And don't forget....make sure you check out the designer's stores, because of this hunt, I have discovered some (new-to-me) stores that I have now put on my favorites list.  I hope you will too!  Love and peace!  Happy hunting!

"Once in awhile, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale"

"There are magical moments in every day.  We just have to take the time to see them!"

"We all need books and fairy dust once in awhile"

"If you can see the magic in a fairy tale, you can face the future"

Featured Hat:  Woodstock hair with Beanie by NSP ($1L/Back to School Hat Hunt gift)

Dress:  Arwen gown in Pearl by PurpleMoon Creations

Eyes:  Dazzling eyes in Honey by InkHeart

Skin:  Mirrin skin Bordeaux by Dulce Secrets

Shape:  Mist shape by External Appearance

Location:  Idle Rogue